Our Services.

On handover we will securely rack your bike into one of our custom designed and adapted vehicles at the front fork, frame and rear wheel, your front wheel placed in a protective Velo Yelo wheel bag. Transporting your bike fully assembled, removes the stress and hassle there is to disassemble and reassemble your bike before and after the event, and as your bike will be professionally racked in our vehicles, there is no need to adjust any of your personal bike measurements.

Our specialised vehicles also allow for a 25kg Kit bag to be transported with your bike. Therefore no need to worry with the stresses of international travel restrictions. The team at Velo Yelo consists of several Ironman finishers and accomplished road cyclists so we understand how important each bike is to every competitor so we will transport your bike like it’s one of our own!!

Your bike will be collected at the agreed pickup up point to 7-10 days prior to your race day and we guarantee to have your bike at your event registration within a minimum of 3 days before race start. The day after your event we take your bike back off you and transport it back to the same location you dropped it at originally. This means you can enjoy the feeling of completing your event and not have to worry about lugging a bike box across airports with those aching pains and muscles.

On the first drop off of your bike, we will photograph and label your bike and bag. At the agreed collection point at race village you will need to produce your receipt to ensure only you and you alone can reclaim your bike. If you do need to make any alternative arrangement this can be discussed with your Velo Yelo Representative.

Why not let our in house qualified mechanics service your bike and have race ready. – give us a call for a quotation

Rent a disc  -why not book one of our lightweight disc wheel for your race day – please call one of our specialist for pricing.

Onsite assistance  – our exclusive relation with Velo Café Magasin (Belfast) will mean we will have experienced mechanics onsite in case of ANY last minute issues with your equipment.